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Serving Your Better With The Most Advanced Technology!

We offer state-of-the-art treatment options to ensure you receive the best care possible while minimizing heal time and strengthening your foot and/or ankle. Click on each treatment option below to read more about it and contact us if you would like to set up a consultation.


This treatment option replaces missing cartilage with an implant so the joint stays intact.


A surgical implant designed to replace damaged cartilage surface of the great toe joint. 

Custom Orthotics

A shoe insert that offers treatment and relief for many foot & ankle conditions. 


A great treatment option that decreases the overall recovery time for tendon injuries. 

PARS For Achilles Rupture

Minimally invasive option to treat Achilles tendon ruptures and has a high success rate. 


A minimally invasive treatement option to treat chronic tendon and fascia conditions.


A Breakthrough option that without surgery, treats chronic tendon pain by removing damaged tissue. 

Topaz Procedure

Technology that uses radiofrequency energy that increases blood flow.

Shockwave Therapy

High and Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWST) for heel pain. 

Highly successful 3D bunion correction to secure an unstable toe joint. 

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