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Ingrown Toenails

What are ingrown toenails? Ingrown toenails form when the nail begins to grow into adjacent skin, causing pain and inflammation. This can be a result of trimming nails too short or at an angle, wearing shoes that are too tight, genetics or even trauma, which results in the nail growing abnormally. Ingrown toenails typically affect

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Is a Topical CBD Product Safe and Does it Work?

Lately, CBD products have been extremely popular. Gels, lotions, oil are seen in every doctor’s office. In our practice, CBD products have been very popular. However, one question that is asked by every patient is whether or not it’s safe to use. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a natural compound that comes from

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For Many, Winter is Fall Season

Icy conditions cause falls and broken ankles With the hectic pace of the holidays, serious injuries from ice-related falls inevitably occur. Falls on icy surfaces are a major cause of ankle sprains and fractures, and it’s critical to seek prompt treatment to prevent further damage that can prolong recovery. As per Dr. Patel, the ankle

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